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Art is an expression in a visual form.  Art and creativity teach problem-solving, which is a critical skill for success in life.  By engaging in artistic activities and study, children develop confidence in their abilities, and they learn how to innovate. 


Conversation is gold as we focus on language and literacy throughout the day.  The basis for the beginnings of literacy is that children have heard and listened.  They have spoken and been spoken to, people have discussed [things] with them.  They have asked questions and received answers.


Technology is a tool for learning.  Young children need opportunities to develop the early "technology-handling" skills associated with early digital literacy that are akin to the "book-handling" skills associated with early literacy development (National Institute for Literacy).


Research shows that learning a second language boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills, in addition to improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask.  Children proficient in other languages also show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility.


Science is one of the most important subjects a child can learn because of its relevance to our lives and its capacity to apply these vital life-skills to everyday activities.


Math doesn't exist only on paper, a chalkboard, or a whiteboard; preschoolers learn math best by doing hands-on projects and activities and being reminded how the math they're learning "doing" is part of their everyday lives.

*We also provide our students access to at-home reinforcement materials for language enrichment (which includes: audio books, e-flashcards, and music).

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